We advise tenants on their rights and the duties and obligations of Landlords in terms of tenancy agreements and the law. We are not solicitors. We are fast and our modest fees include everything - courts, solicitors, and enforcement action.

We are a unique service for tenants, anywhere in the UK.

Within 48 hours we will contact your landlord.

You Are Not Alone

Many tenants throughout Scotland are unaware that you have considerable rights and security under your leases and tenancy agreements and that you have various rights under the general law.Landlords are under legal obligations to maintain your home and must comply with strict legal procedures before you can be evicted. Any slight irregularity may mean you cannot be evicted.

The local authority for the area in which you live is under a statutory duty to provide temporary accommodation if you are homeless.

We are here to help you.



It doesn't take long for tenants to realise, 'There are too many landlords who won't pay to maintain my home. Too many solicitors who want fees to force them, and the process seems to take forever.'

You just have to do something about it.

Many solicitors lack knowledge about the process and are unable to provide a set fee enforcing landlords to comply with their legal obligations. Their prices include hourly rates, and almost all solicitors want monies on account ranging from 400 to 1000 without any indication of how long the process will take and if there will be any additional costs.

We are the tenant's friend. There are no hidden charges or extras. Not for photocopies, stamps or phone calls (and not for disbursements because that's a term solicitors use and most people don't even know what it means.)

Our services are simple, cost effective and fast.

We are the tenant's friend.